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Bangsawan Mango Grape E-liquid Review

Mango Grape e-juce is a combination of exotic fruits by Bangsawan. You will delight in this eliquid that has become highly appreciated by mango lovers. Bangsawan Mango Grape arrives in the market with a new twist. It has captivated vapers that appreciate fruit flavored eliquids, and helped mango lovers relish another wonderful taste of mango.

Bangsawan is the Malaysian best-mixed fruits vape juice producer. In the Malay language, the word Bangsawan means nobility. The company adopted the specific word to place emphasis on the quality of its products.

Mango Grape is part of a range of mixed fruits eliquid recently manufactured by the company which have caught the attention of vapers. Bangsawan Apple Grape, Strawberry Apple, Honeydew Pineapple, and Strawberry Blackcurrant form part of the range and have all fantastic flavors which are highly appreciated by vapers.

Mango Grape comes at a time the market is seeking a new twist to the traditional flavor of Mango. Bangsawan has been able to create something unique that delight vapers for the taste and the great vaping experience.

A Fantastic Flavor

If you like mangos and grapes, then you will love the combination of both. Bangsawan does it in a unique manner that captures the juiciness and sweetness of mango as well as the sweetness and somewhat acidic flavor of grapes to obtain the great taste of mango layered with the flavor of grapes.

The mouth fills with a superbly nice creamy flavor. You’ll will enjoy the flavor and desire more. The balance between the two fruits is perfectly struck. There is a nice koolada that invades your mouth as you inhale and exhale.

VG/PG Level

Mango Grape has a nice balance of the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol level (PG) 50/50. This proportion is perfect for those seeking to have a great flavor experience and those after a good cloud production. It also is the most appreciated proportion by vapers since you will have no problems while using any type of e-cig. It is also great because the eliquid thickness is medium. There is a nice cloud production and the PG level captures all the great flavor of both fruits to give a sensational taste of both. Vapers also appreciate the mild throat hit.

Bottle and Packaging

For Mango Grape, Bangsawan has chosen the pink color. The whole bottle is pink. It’s made of plastic and has a childproof safety cap. The trademark of the company and the type of e-liquid are clearly printed on the surface.

Nicotine Level

Mango Grape in available in a 65 ml bottle of 6 mg nicotine strength. The low nicotine level gives a mild throat hit and is perfect for newbies and experienced vapers to indulge in the pleasure of vaping.


Instead of looking for cheap ejuice deals, why not try Bangsawan products. They are high-quality and for every budget. Mango Grape is available at a price of $10.99 USD. This is a great opportunity to obtain high-quality premium product at a bargain price.

Bangsawan uses natural ingredients and the most modern brewing techniques. All its products are tested for flavor and quality. This is a perfect opportunity to obtain 65 ml of high-quality ejuice at a fantastic price. All Bangsawan products are great value for the money. They are recognized for their superior taste and quality. Bangsawan is among the top fruity ejuice, mixed flavor manufacturers.


Bangsawan specializes in producing mixed fruit ejuice. They go to great lengths to find pairs of fruits that will be the perfect match to provide one of the best flavors you will ever taste. Its products are all premium quality.

The company products always give vapers a new experience with another type of flavor. It’s thrilling to discover the flavor of a pair of fruits. This is for vapers who like fruity eliquids and are seeking for new experiences.

So far, all the mixed fruit products manufactured by Bangsawan have had a great success with vapers. They appreciate the freshness of the flavor and the quality. It’s for all-day vaping that you will enjoy and still want more.

If you like fruity flavored eliquids and particularly mango, you will love Mango Grape. Bangsawan offers one of the best mixed-flavored eliquids you will find on the markets.