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Iced Apple by Reds E-Juice Review

Iced Apple by Reds E-Juice is a crispy and refreshing blend of fresh apples with a splash of menthol flavor. This is a perfect summer vape. It tastes like a cold glass of apple juice. Some vapers have compared the flavor of Iced Apple to the taste that you get in your mouth when you drink a glass of apple juice after you have just had an Altoid. This is an awesome e-liquid. It has a genuine flavor. You will not get any hints of any artificial or chemical flavor when vaping Iced Apple. This is surely an all day vape especially if you love the taste of apples.

You can get Iced Apple and other e-liquids in the Reds E-Juice series from any vape store. A 60ml bottle of this e-juice is going for up to $25 at some stores, but it is priced at only $15 on Ejuice Deals.

Iced Apple is a remix of Apple by Reds E-Juice. The difference between the two blends is that the former has a touch of menthol flavor. From the moment you open a bottle of this e-liquid, you will get the aroma of apples. The flavor of Iced Apple is consistent on the inhale and the exhale. You will get the taste of Washington apples on the inhale. The cooling menthol flavor comes through on the exhale. If you want an e-liquid with authentic apple flavor, look no further. This Reds E-Juice blend does not have any artificial sweetness. The flavor is light but rich.

If you buy a bottle of Reds E-Juice Iced Apple e-juice and the taste does not match the flavor description, steep it for one or two weeks. Steeping allows the flavorings and other ingredients used to make the e-juice to blend well so that you will get the true taste when you vape it.

Iced Apple by Reds E-Juice is a MAX VG blend. It has the standard vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. The e-liquid is not too thick so you can vape it with a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Iced Apple will not burn up your coils. You can vape the e-juice for some time before you will need to clean your coils and change your wicking material. The vapor production of this e-liquid is excellent. You will get massive clouds of thick vapor especially if you are using a powerful vaping setup.

Reds E-Juice Iced Apple comes with varying nicotine strength levels so that every vaper can enjoy it. This e-liquid is available with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Iced Apple has a very smooth throat hit. It flows easily through the throat without causing any irritation or harsh sensation. If you want a solid throat hit, you may need to go for 6mg of nicotine. You could also mix this Reds E-Juice blend with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels to get a better throat hit.

Iced Apple by Reds E-Juice has a very elegant packaging design. It comes in a colorful box which has the image of an apple cut in half as well as some ice cubes. The e-juice is packed in a clear glass bottle which has a dropper cap. You can tell that this is an apple e-juice just by looking at the bottle. You will have no problems filling a tank or pouring this e-liquid on your coils using the eye-dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle which contains the same design as the box. It also features some useful information about the e-liquid like the nicotine level, bottle size, and more.

Iced Apple is one of three e-juice flavors in the Reds E-Juice line. Apart from Iced Apple, the other e-liquids in the same series are Apple, Watermelon Apple, Iced Watermelon Apple, Grape, and Iced Grape Apple. The Reds E-Juice line was created by 7 Daze. This company, which is based in California, makes premium e-liquids using high-quality ingredients. Apart from Reds E-Juice, 7 Daze has three other e-liquid brands namely Magnetic Liquids, Drip Pops, and Pink Sticks.

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