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Blue Blood E-Liquid by SVLT Vapor Review

The delicious flavor of raspberry candy in Blue Blood by SVLT Vapor will remind you of your childhood. Humble Juice created a spot-on raspberry candy e-juice that is mouth-watering. When you vape Blue Blood e-liquid, you enjoy one of the best raspberry candy e-juice blends on the market. Blue Blood has its particularities that you will not get from other e-liquids. This e-liquid is made of nicotine salt instead of regular nicotine. This means that you will get a smooth vaping experience.

As you may know, there is currently a high demand on the market for e-juice flavors containing nicotine salt. Many vapers prefer nicotine salt because it gives them quicker satisfaction. Therefore, they vape less and use less e-juice. This allows them to save on their e-liquid and relish the flavor for a longer period.

Flavor Description

Blue Blood e-liquid is described as raspberry candy blend that turns the blood blue. This e-juice has everything you desire from a delicious raspberry candy vape juice.  On the inhale, it is blue raspberry candy and the flavor stays the same on the exhale. This is an all-around well-balanced blue raspberry candy vape juice. It reminds me of a blue raspberry laffy taffy or blue raspberry hard candy. The sweetness is there but there are also some notes of sourness which makes the vape juice really enjoyable.

VG/PG Ratio

Blue Blood e-liquid by SVLT Vapor is available with a vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 65/35. The cloud production of this e-liquid is quite good. While this is a MAX VG blend, there is no compromise on flavor. Since this e-juice contains nicotine salt, you can vape it with a sub-ohm device at very high wattage without any issues.

Personally, I think the e-juice taste very good and does not need further steeping.  Like other SVLT Vapor e-liquids, Blue Blood comes pre-steeped from the factory for two weeks of more. You can always steep it for a few more days or week depending on your preference.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength levels available for Blue Blood are 0 mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12 mg. You will notice that the vape juice has a very mellow throat hit. It is smooth on the throat even at 12 mg of nicotine strength. Nicotine salt e-liquids provide a softer throat hit for the same level of nicotine as e-juice blends made with regular nicotine. Hence, a 12 mg nicotine salt will give you a throat hit that is similar to what you get from an e-juice with 3 mg of regular nicotine.

You do get satisfied very quickly when vaping e-liquids made with nicotine salt. This means that you vape less and use less e-juice. If you’re vaping an e-juice such as Blue Blood e-liquid, you will be more than happy to know that the e-liquid will last longer and you can relish the flavor for a long time.


Blue Blood comes in a 120-ml chubby gorilla unicorn plastic bottle. The e-liquid smells like blue raspberry candy and tastes like laffy taffy candy. The bottle has a tip that facilitates dripping and it comes with a child-resistant cap.

SVLT Vapor e-liquids has a very simple packaging design. There is no picture on the bottle that would give an indication of the e-juice flavor profile. The only thing visible on the label is the brand name. All other information about the e-liquid can be found on the Humble Juice website.


SVLT e-juice blends are the result of a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Solace Salt. Both companies came together to create high-quality vape juice flavors at a very affordable prices. For just $24.99, you can get a 120-ml bottle of Blue Blood e-juice.

You get free shipping for purchases of more than $19.99 on the Humble Juice store. You can get many other Humble Juice e-liquids at very good prices from the company’s website.


Blue Blood is one of the bestselling e-liquids in SVLT Vapor line. Some other also impressive e-juice flavors in the same line are 99 Pink Balloons Salt, Strawberry Sour Belt Salt, Apple Jay Jay Salt, Lemon Cake Salt, and Watermelon Patch Salt. There is a high nicsalt version of each of these e-liquids in the SVLT Vapor line for vapers who like strong throat hits.

Blue Blood e-liquid is great to relish when you are craving for the delicious flavor of raspberry candy. Every puff will leave you very satisfied.