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CBD Review

Herbal Fracture CBD Gummies Review

Halloween is around the corner, but all our eyes are in this grown-up sweet we have come to love. You definitely know what I am talking about: cannabinoid (CBD) gummies.

For noobs, CBD is a now-legal, non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis and hemp plants. Although no scientific studies have been conducted yet, pieces of anecdotal evidence revealed CBD possesses a long list of medicinal properties. For instance, it is a well-known pain reliever, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory.

But its scope is not limited to being an alternative pharmacological approach. These days, do not be surprised to see CBD being infused in drinks, foods, wellness products, and even cosmetics. How about some CBD for your skin care routine?

However, if you want to get that CBD dose fast into your system, CBD vape juices and tinctures are the most direct routes. Both allow CBD to absorb into your bloodstream, bypassing the gastric environment of the digestive system that tends to make CBD less potent. However, some people simply want to ingest CBD foods.

Before anything else, allow me to clear things with you. CBD is not THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. In short, it will not make you high or get you stoned. Currently, CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that brands can sprout here and there without being checked by regulatory bodies.

With that in mind, it is very important that you take extra precautions when buying CBD for sale. For me, I always spend time scrutinizing their websites and labels and reading reviews from others. I think this is why I fell in love with Herbal Fracture.

You see, the brand is so transparent with its work and it does not hide anything to its consumers. For example, its website contains a relevant FAQ section, where the company answered common questions in detail. But I was honestly more impressed by the fact that it displayed the results of the tests each product underwent.

According to Herbal Fracture, before the products are sent out to the market, they all undergo rigorous testing. Six-panel tests are conducted by third-party laboratories in Colorado. Each product is examined for CBD potency, terpene, residual solvent, pesticide, heavy metals, and bio-contaminates (mold). The results are all found on the website, which is easily accessible for everyone to view.

Now… back to its CBD gummies.

As its name suggests, Herbal Fracture gummies are marketed for pain relief. Each piece contains CBD isolate extract, natural flavoring, light corn syrup, and sugar.

To be honest, I initially do not know what to expect of its taste. I mean, the usual gummies are good and sweet. But to my surprise, they did not taste horrible at all. In fact, the top notes resemble that of a standard gummy bear taste. However, I noticed there was a little bitter, medicine-like aftertaste. This might be off for some people. But taste-wise, this is good until the last part, although it lasts only a few milliseconds.

Herbal Fracture gummies cost $24.99. Each gummy piece is infused with 25mg of CBD. There are 10 gummies in one bag, each pack has a total of 250mg CBD. At $2.49 per piece, the price can be a little steep, especially if you need to take between 1 and 3 gummies per day. If you are on a string budget, I would probably recommend a different application method, say tinctures. But if fun is the name of your game, then this is the best option.

Effect? Taking 2 gummies before bedtime, I really think they did a good job putting me to sleep. I tried taking them once while I was suffering from a migraine attack. They were honestly not as potent as tinctures. So for a sleep aid? Gummies are enough.

Overall, I highly recommend Herbal Fracture gummies for those who experience difficulty in sleeping or want to relax a little after a long day of work. I believe that its high-quality CBD is the reason these gummies can help me hit the sack at night. I have tried other brands before and their effects were not as good as this. Later on, I found out that the CBD quality plays a huge role in it.