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4 Must-Try E-Juice Flavors

E-Cig has become a very great alternative for smoking traditional cigarettes, especially for those who want to cut down on nicotine as more and more e-juice products are being produced with reduced to no nicotine. This makes it easier for people to quit while still maintaining their habit. One of the things that make e-cigs more enjoyable than traditional cigarettes is the different flavors they come in. There are so many of them that one can count and this makes it exciting to use. One day you can be using a vape juice that tastes like milk chocolate and the other you might just choose one that tastes like strawberry juice. Some of these flavors are more popular than others while some, although not so popular, is a must-try. Here are 4 e-cig liquid flavors that you must try today.

Tea Flavor
With the very relaxing and sweet-scented taste of tea, this flavor is one that you can go for and will want to use every day. Tea flavored e-cigs are a nice way to kick off a potentially stressful day without ever worrying about being judged. There are different assortments of this flavor. Some are a combination of tea with other herbal assortments while some come in only the single tea flavor. Whether you love having tea as a daily beverage or you are an occasional tea drinker, using tea flavored e-cigs is one that you will most definitely enjoy.

Berry Flavors
Everyone loves berries. From tasty strawberries to dark blueberries, berries are a natural favorite of many people and that is why berry-flavored juices are so popular. Berry e-cig juices are a great way to kick back and relax whether you are a new or experienced vaper. They are a great way to start vaping as they are very easy to get accustomed to. They come in different nicotine concentrations just like other e-juices and can come either as single berry flavors or multiple berry flavors. The preference of the kind of berry to choose is entirely up to you as an individual.

Tropical Fruit Flavors
If you are looking to having a vape juice that reminisces an experience of a vacation on a tropical island, then this is the right kind of e-juice to use. These juice flavors range from the taste of mangos to kiwis among other tropical fruits. Some can taste like juices you have never had but will never want to stop using. These juices can come in single flavors like grape or in mixed flavors like menthol and banana.

Beverage Flavors
Although these kinds of flavors are not very popular among vapers, there are still some vapers that cannot have enough of beverage flavored juices. There are juices that are flavored like Cola while others taste like Bourbon. For many vapers who love alcohol flavored juices without the actual alcohol, Tequila, beer and Bourbon flavors are ones that they choose to have. These flavors including others like eggnog, coffee, and Irish Cream are also great for occasions and relaxation

For DIY e-juice mixes you can find these flavors in concentrate forms that can be used for mixing of your own e-juice. This makes it you have the choice to make whichever flavor of e-juice that you want at anytime you want it. is an e-juice flavor concentrate online store owned by Flavorah, a company that manufactures e-juice flavor concentrates with zero nicotine content. These flavors are a must-try and all available in concentrate forms ready for DIY recipes from the Flavorah website.