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CBD Dog Treats for Heart + Immune System by Penelope’s Bloom Review

Losing your flurry buddy to heart failure or listening to it groan in deep pain due to heart ailments is like shooting arrows through your heart. The feeling is worse when you can do little or nothing about relief. Penelope’s Bloom, a high-quality standard brand located in the United States, makes healthy CBD treats for pets that boost their heart’s function and immunity. If you are at loss for what to do, now you can opt for this holistic approach towards wellness and relaxation. The CBD Dog Treats for Heart and Immune System by Penelope’s Bloom is a high concentration of powerful ingredients such as full spectrum CBD, green tea extract, blueberries, Omega-3 and L-carnitine to help boost immunity and support for your dog’s cardiovascular system. Tasty and physically appealing, it is everything your dog would love in a treat. While taking care of it’s internal body system, this treat would also improve the shine of your buddy’s fur coat.

This treat is made of full Spectrum CBD so it contains all the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant; CBD, CBG, CBN, proteins, vitamins, THC and the list goes on. Also, the Catechins from green tea extract is full of antioxidants for heart, liver and brain health. Vitamin-C from the blueberries rids the dog’s body of potentially harmful free radicals to reduce inflammation and cognitive aging. A sprinkle of immune-boosting L-carnitine and you have a total power pack for your dogs.

Each pack of the CBD Dog Treats for Heart and Immune System by Penelope’s Bloom contains 30 delicious treats, each containing 10mg of CBD. Each ingredient is gotten from the best sources; organic, non-GMO, vegan and tested by a third party laboratory.

To purchase this treat, visit The CBD Dog Treats for Heart and Immune System is selling for $34.99. If you purchase products worth over $50, you would get free delivery. Penelope’s Bloom is a brand that’s as concerned about your pets as you are. Hence, all products from this brand are potent, effective, and safe.