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TAAT Menthol Smokes Review

Take a moment and search the effects of tobacco cigarettes, and you will find over a hundred reasons to quit that life-threatening habit.  The adverse effects are enough to convince anyone to switch from conventional cigarettes to better, healthier, and safer alternatives. TAAT is a revolutionary brand offering hemp/CBD cigarettes to substitute regular cigarettes. 

While millions of people across the globe aspire to wean off tobacco and nicotine, the substances tend to be highly addictive. Additionally, giving up on the rituals of cigarette smoking is a daunting endeavor that many have failed to attain. That was until TAAT came along with its cigarette line that looks, feels, and tastes like conventional cigarettes without tobacco or nicotine. What’s more, the brand’s products maintain the same traditions most people have grown accustomed to. 

While switching to TAAT cigarettes, you won’t have to go through a hard time. This is because everything stays the same, except for the contents of the cigarettes. Instead of tobacco and nicotine, you get to smoke hemp and FDA-approved food-grade ingredients. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch today by smoking hemp menthol smokes from TAAT and become a better version of yourself. 

The TAAT menthol pack is a best-selling product with a myriad of positive reviews. The hemp cigarettes have a minty flavor that soothes the throat with every puff. The refreshing taste is reminiscent of Marlboro Menthol, Newport, Kool, Pall Mall menthol cigarettes. If you enjoy any of these brands,  you won’t get enough of the alternative TAAT menthol pack. 

The hemp used in TAAT cigarettes is organically grown, meaning it contains zero chemicals. It consists of up to 25%CBD, making it highly therapeutic. You also get to enjoy the cannabinoid’s therapeutic benefits as you cut off on tobacco. Research indicates that CBD may be a potential agent for dealing with addiction. This makes hemp cigarettes the ultimate alternative to conventional cigarettes. 

The unique blend of food-grade ingredients gives the cigarettes a flavor similar to regular cigarettes. Besides the menthol pack, TAAT also makes smooth and original packs. Each of these packs contains 20 carefully crafted king-sized sticks. The brand also sells cartons containing ten packs. Buying the carton ensures you have an ample supply of the product to help you cut down on nicotine. 

Why TAAT menthol CBD cigarettes are good for you

  • You cut off on nicotine and tobacco while enjoying full hemp/CBD benefits
  • Unlike many products on the market, TAAT cigarettes feel, look, and taste like regular cigarettes. This makes the transition easier
  • The cigarettes are made from natural ingredients. With TAAT, you can expect quality, safety, and reliability. Each pack contains a QR code linked to 3rd party laboratory results. 
  • TAAT is customer-oriented, meaning every product it makes is suited to meet the needs of consumers to a tee. 
  • The effects present 2-10minutes after the first puff and last for hours. Whenever you have a cigarette craving, TAAT menthol cigarettes will quench your thirst in an instant. 
  • TAAT menthol pack allows you to enjoy the same traditions attached to smoking conventional cigarettes. The sticks burn at the same speed, the crackling sound is identical, and the oral fixation remains constant. 


Taat packs (menthol, original, and smooth) go for $6.99. The carton, which contains ten packs inside, retails at $59.99. All orders above $40 are shipped and delivered free of charge. The brand also sells its products wholesale at competitive prices. Visit and get your first pack free.