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Delta 8 THC Review: How Long Does the High Last?

Delta 8 THC is growing in popularity with more brands releasing different products every other day. If you’re new to using this cannabinoid, it is natural to have questions about Delta 8, how long does it last? Is it safe? Is it legal? In this post, we will answer these questions and talk abotu the effects you are likely to experience when you use Delta 8 THC.


Delta 8 THC is a cousin of Delta 9 THC. It has a similar, albeit milder, psychoactive effects. Delta 8 THC is found in very small quantities in the hemp plant. As a result, for commercial purposes, manufacturers resort to converting CBD to Delta 8 THC using a process called isomerization. A large percentage of Delta 8 THC products on the market are made using this method since it is safe and cost-effective.


Delta 8 THC has a similar effect to Delta 9. The main difference is that Delta 8 THC is milder and offers a smoother experience. You are likely to feel light, pleasant, and clear-headed when you use Delta 8 THC products. It can also spark your creativity. Delta 8 THC is great for managing anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other conditions. We recommend consulting a medical expert if you intend to use a Delta 8 product to manage the symptoms of any medical condition.

How long does the high last?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. These factors include the kind of Delta 8 THC products you use and if you have a high or low THC tolerance. The effect may last between two to eight hours.

Delta 8 THC edibles like gummies and cookies usually take longer to kick in as the product has to travel through your digestive system before it is absorbed into your bloodstream. You may start to feel the effect Superstrainof Delta 8 THC after one to two hours if you eat edibles. However, the effects tend to be more potent and generally lasts for a longer period – between three to four hours.

You will feel the effects of Delta 8 THC much faster when you use a vaping product like disposable vape pens. The effect may kick in within a few minutes. It is absorbed into your bloodstream through the capillaries in your lungs.

Is it Legal?

Provided a Delta 8 product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, it is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is it safe?

The quality of the Delta 8 THC products you use can determine whether it is safe or otherwise. In the US, the Superstrain is one of the leading Delta 8 brands and is known for using extracts from organic hemp plants.

Superstrain has a collection of Delta 8 THC products including cartridges, pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, oils, and more. Head over to the Superstrain online store to check them out today.