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TAAT’s Magic; The Beyond Nicotine Formula Success Story


Beyond Tobacco is a patented nicotine and tobacco-free formula developed by TAAT. It is released into the cigarette industry as a cigarette and E-cigarette substitute, but not just any substitute; it is marketed as a substitute that is free of nicotine and tobacco’s negative side effects. Sounds unbelievable?

Before sending the Beyond Nicotine material to the manufacturer for production, TAAT processes it in-house to ensure its quality and potency.

The reason for the development of the Beyond Nicotine formula is self-evident. It is to help addicted smokers enjoy their favorite pastimes without the risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. Rather than having no viable alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking, TAAT has devised a method that allows smokers to continue to enjoy all of the benefits of smoking. Everything from the crackling sound it makes as it burns to the smoky aroma that fills your nostrils, the taste of tobacco that caresses your tongue, and the ergonomic feel in your hand are all part of this.

The manufacturers of TAATs use cannabidiol (CBD) in the mixture. It tastes exactly like tobacco because CBD has been infused with a natural tobacco flavor. Before you call it a hemp cigarette, keep in mind that its hemp is not processed or manufactured in the same way that conventional hemp and CBD cigarettes are manufactured.

However, it is not guaranteed that you will reap the benefits of hemp. Aside from CBD, TAATs are made entirely of food-grade ingredients and contain natural water.

Each TAAT contains up to 25mg of CBD and less than 0.2% THC. Not only do they contain the legal amount of THC as mandated by US laws, but it is also manufactured in such a way that you will not experience the psychoactive effects associated with THC use and this is because the THC is less than 0.5%

Plant material grown by American farmers is used to make TAATs in the United States. In fact, in the manufacturing process, only plant material that meets TAAT’s quality standards is used. All of this is done to make you feel as if you are addicted to a traditional tobacco cigarette when you smoke a TAAT.

Available Flavors

TAATS come in a variety of flavor profiles that are designed to mimic the sensation of some of the most popular tobacco cigarette brands. Original, Menthol, and Smooth are among them. Let’s delve into what you stand to enjoy from these flavors:

  • Original: The Original delivers a large, robust, and bold flavor with every inhale. This original TAAT version is a worthy companion if you enjoy strong flavors like Marlboro Red, Winston, and American Spirit Blue.
  • Menthol: The menthol version is one of their most popular flavors. Given the popularity of menthol as a flavor, this is not surprising. It has a minty freshness that is comparable to Newport and Kool cigarettes. If you’re also a smoker that enjoys smoking Marlboro menthol nicotine-free smokes, then this flavor is made just for you.
  • Smooth: The smooth version has a lighter flavor with a rich, deep, and velvety flavor. You will enjoy smoking this TAAT flavor if you like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue.

Price and Availability.

TAAT is produced in a classic flip-top box, with each box containing 20 sticks of cigarettes. TAAT is half as expensive as other popular cigarette brands, despite its unmatched quality. It cost just $6.99 to get a pack of TAAT’s cigarettes at website.