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A Review of Vape Juice Online

Though different vaping juice brands exist, West Coast Vape Supply has the best vaping juice, such as Naked 100, Cuttwood, Vape Pink, Candy King, and Vapetasia have delicious vape juice. Vape juice comprises four main ingredients: vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol. The vegetable glycerin facilitates vapor production, propylene glycol dilutes vegetable glycerin and carries flavors, while nicotine is the stimulant that provides satisfaction while flavors help you enjoy the taste.

Naked 100

Naked 100 is the best vape juice online with extraordinary flavors in the vaping industry. Since 2012, Naked 100 has continued to bring juicy tastes of Naked 100 Original vape juice, Naked 100 Menthol vape juice, Naked 100 Cream vape juice, Naked 100 Fusion vape juice, Naked 100 Tobacco vape juice, and Naked 100 Ice vape juice. Each of these tastes comes in different flavors to satisfy your preferences.


Cuttwood vape juice is called The Sauce Boss because it has outstanding flavors and thick clouds. Cuttwood vapors are also the best vape juice online because it offers a wide collection of menthol, tobacco, dessert, and fruit flavors. Cuttwood vapors have nearly all the flavors that you’ve ever desired. Since its launch in 2016, Cuttwood has been the leading vape juice to fulfill your nicotine cravings and tastes. Moreover, Cuttwood has developed popular flavors in the vaping industry, such as Boss Reserve and Unicorn Milk. Since these flavors are good, Sauce Boss is a premium Cuttwood vape juice brand that appeals to many. Cuttwood is available in regular vape juice bottles of 120mL and 60mL and 30mL bottles of nicotine salt vape juice. Moreover, there are various flavors of Cuttwood such as Sugar Dazzle, Tobacco Trail, Manic Mint, Livid Lime, Outrageous Orange, Bird Brains, Mega Melons, Mr. Filter, Boss Reserve, and Unicorn Milk.

Vape Pink

Vape Pink has unique flavors that may you hooked to vaping. Vape Pink brand is also the best vape juice online because it has outstanding flavors: Cookie Butter, Chew, Swirl, Whipp’d, and Melon Blast. These flavors are unique and have a fulfilling taste for your tobacco cravings. Moreover, this vape juice is best since it comes in 100mL bottles, but you get a chance to choose your nicotine level, which involves 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Founded in 2014, Vape Pink is a favorite and famous brand in vaping industry with various collections, including The Hype Collection, CloudMouth Vapors, Propaganda E-Liquid, and Vape Pink.

Candy King

Candy King’s outstanding vape juice collection boosts the desired sweet candy tastes. Produced under the Dripmore line, Candy King has some of the best sour and candy flavors. Candy King’s collection consists of strawberry watermelon bubblegum and Swedish candy to satisfy every person’s needs.

This vape juice provides high-quality and incredible flavors of vape juice online. It also allows you to enjoy sweets you’ve been craving. The Candy King brand has delicious flavors that will keep you coming back. With every puff, you take you to eliminate your tobacco craving while offering a satisfying experience. Candy King is the best vape juice online because it gives you the qualities you want regardless of place or time.


Vapetasia provides quality vape juices that increase your cravings. The Vapetasia has a collection of desert and fruity flavors that you’ll love. Moreover, Vapetasia has premium vape juice designed with great tastes and flavors to meet your needs. Vapetasia comes in 100mL bottles with various nicotine strengths. The bottles are designed in a manner that makes them fast to fill. It also has a child-look safety cap to prevent spillage.