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Puffco Plus Review

Puffco plus is the latest portable vape pen with a coil-less ceramic chamber and a built-in dab tool.

Puffco plus has an outstanding flavor and is the most concentrated vape pen. Get an affordable vaporizer from West Coast Vape Supply. Have you heard more about puff plus and want to try it out? This article is the best for you! Check out how the pen works, how to use it, the features, and the pros and cons.

How a puff pen works

A Puffco plus vape pen works the same as the other vape pens, except for a few differences that make it outstanding. Apart from the elemental compositions of a vape pen (battery, chamber, mouthpiece), Puffco plus has other features, including one button, battery charger, and three temperature settings. The one-button controls all activities of the Puffco Plus. The battery charger recharges the Puffco plus. And the three-temperature setting is used to manage the power flexibility. The three stages show the temperature level as low, medium, and high using the colors green, blue, and white, respectively.

How to use a Puffco Plus

Are you stuck on how to use a Puffco plus?

Do not worry. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the Puffco plus.

Extend the dart- you can extend the dart by removing the mouthpiece from the battery and pressing down on the plunger.

  • Strike the dart into your wax.
  • Place the wax into the coil chamber
  • Attach the mouthpiece to the battery
  • Power the device for five minutes
  • Set the temperature of the vape pen using the three-temperature setting
  • Place the device in your mouth to inhale the vapor

Features of Puffco Plus Vape

Puffco plus is well-known for the following features:

  • temperature flexibility
  • battery life
  • portability
  • ease of use
  • vapor quality

Temperature Flexibility

Are you stuck on how to make settings of Puffco plus?

Puffco plus has three-temperature settings. The three-temp settings indicate the temperature level as low, medium, and high. The levels are indicated below;

  • Low temperature records 580 degrees and shown as color green
  • Medium temperatures register 650 degrees and are indicated by the color blue
  • High temperatures record 720 degrees and are demonstrated by the color white.

Battery Life

Puffco plus has a battery capacity of 520mAh. This is relatively smaller than the expected battery life of a vaper. Do you prefer extended vaping? Puff plus might not be a better option because it has relatively low battery life.


All the vape pens are good when it comes to portability. Their small size and shape require a small space.

Ease of use

All vape pens are easy to use because they do not have many settings to control the pen. A Puffco plus differs from the rest because of its built-in dab tool. This feature helps to scoop some e-liquid and screw it into the mouthpiece.

Vapor quality

Puffco plus is known for its quality. It has incredible flavor. Make a date with the company and have a test of the Puffco Plus. The vape has a ceramic chamber that heats the cannabis extracts to produce a smooth, flavorful end product that is friendly to your throat. The coil also strengthens the heat to enable a big and thick cloud that vapors love.

How does one clean a Puffco plus?

Cleaning a Puffco plus is incredibly easy. It would be best if you did not get worried about cleaning and maintenance. To clean the Puffco Plus, one must remove residues on the bowl and the mouthpiece. To clean the bowl, use swabs that are soaked in alcohol and wipe away the residue. To clean the mouthpiece, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt.

Final Remarks

A Puffco plus is a small, durable device that produces potent vapor. The device does not produce an intense cloud that smokers like. It delivers smooth and mild vapor, perfect for beginner smokers.