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Goonie Grains Grain Spawn Mix By Pacific Substrates Review.

The Goonie Grains Grain Spawn Mix by Pacific Substrates is the ideal spawn mix composition that will aid in your effective growth. It is a spawn mix that is prepared for production and will ultimately aid in the growth and expansion of healthy mycelium. Oats and sorghum make up the rapid colonization blend, which is the ideal combination to increase inoculation points. For grain masters and bulk transfers, Goonie Grains Grain Mix is an ideal solution.

Goonie Grains by Pacific Substrates is a grain spawn mix that is prepared for production. It was created with a unique combination of oats and sorghum to aid in the growth and expansion of your developing mycelium. The rapid colonization blend is the ideal combination of ingredients to aid in maximizing inoculation points, thus enabling the mushroom-growing process to succeed admirably from every viewpoint.

Goonie Grains is an excellent grain spawn mixture delivered to you already hydrated and ready to use straight out of the pack. It is designed to be used with Paddy Poo Substrates Mix with a 1:2 grain spawn to substrate ratio and is excellent for grain masters and bulk transfers. This home mushroom growing kit mixture is perfect for specialty mushroom cultivation, whether you are spawning in tubs, bags, or beds.

Pacific Substrates uses effective procedures to create these custom blends of mushroom compost and spawn and bring genuinely superior products to the market. These blends are intended to meet the needs of all levels of growers by making commercial-quality materials accessible at a lower cost.

High-grade ingredients and six-month shelf life are included in the industry-leading quality. To ensure successful and uncontaminated colonization of the selected mushroom spores, all goods are packaged in XLS-T bags and thoroughly sterilized.


  • Suitable for use with many different mushroom spores.
  • Includes premium whole oats, sorghum, gypsum, and lime.
  • Sterilized to ensure successful spawning without contamination.
  • Packaged in XLS-T bags for easy transport and efficient deployment.
  • Hydrated and ready for use.

Goonie Grains Grain Spawn Mix Specifications

  • Production-Ready Grain Spawn Mix
  • Helps Grow and Expand Thriving Mycelium
  • Maximizes Inoculation Points
  • Ideal For Grain Masters and Bulk Transfers
  • Packaged & Sterilized In XLS-T Bags
  • Intended For Use With Pacific Substrates Paddy Poo Substrate Mix

Content of Pack

  • 1x Bag of Goonie Grains Grain Spawn Mix by Pacific Substrates

About the Manufacturer

In order to make mushroom cultivation safe, dependable, and affordable, Pacific Substrates was established in Oakland, California, in the year 2020. They are dedicated to assisting their customers in achieving excellent outcomes. They have invested many hours working with cultivation and retail workers to develop the most effective mushroom substrate and growth media blend.

All products from Pacific Substrates come with a six-month money-back guarantee. Return the unopened product for a full refund if there are any manufacturer problems.

Where to buy

If you are a mushroom grower or farmer that is serious about your business, you know you need to keep costs low. The cost of shipping matters when it comes to grains, substrates, and even mushroom grow bags.

Superstrain provides you with the Goonie Grains Grain Spawn Mix by Pacific Substrates at a very affordable price. They have a pocket-friendly shipping cost, and their terms are conditions are pro-customers.